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Monthly Archives: May 2009

lost forever











 I would probably always gonna write stuffs like this forever till it’d be KHALED CLICHE, I’ve this weird way of expressing things as everything is so illuminated, sometime its hard for people to think I’m crazy slash fanatical slash a scenic human being , I‘m NOT crazy. My definition of freedom got its orientation from music, narcs and women and life herserlf. in this great present moement, enjoy it as much you can, you cant forget your past, while I’m not gonna be here forever, bones will always turn to dust.

Listening to Redemption song…songs of freedom, all I ever had. Amazing words coming out from a prophet, now comes jah work, tell me if u really know if I’m really a man, can u tell why my heart beats faster shaking legs like a friend, a bad karma for the actor and insult to the scene, I’ll cut off the actor for my soul to come back to me. When you listen to music, you brain receptor gives u joy. For me it works fine, as long as I’m in the middle of it. I’m eating it with my brain and playing them with my fingers. like touching up a teenage in vein. I’m inside the emptynesss, and its filling my lungs, feeling under the weather and moon as usual.
Brain doesn’t response, not my fault; maybe the whole definition is wrong. What if 6 was 9 (hahahah qudos Hendrix) and bad was good, then we’d be bounty hunters and take out the GOOD. I look for my fate in this word; I stood upon suffering and smeared my face with shame. I gravel. I dig too, digging bones like my reverence said, just dig holes…..


doob (600 x 450)

I slip away every day further alone

Evolution is a word
Yearning to be alone
Evolution is a happening twerp
Because my intellect is now emaciated to die like flowers

Like a rifle never fired, only once dropped
Like desire
Like yearning to be free
Please curb your fervor and pity
Because you don’t know when you are going to fall
Anyways I’m not next to you if you do,
So who cares what they might do?

Like leaves and flowers wither as they age
They are not departed but disappeared
Never to be seen by any eyes that’s to clean and clear
Can you hide the nausea that’s in my brain?

I hush you with a look
And kill you without fear
Victim is me
I’m my own slayer
And I’m never meant to be you.
Cause you are not me

May 15, 2009

Life is twirled, against all odds we all tend to stand and walk away without a bruise, but you see, life isn’t that simple when you are not so simple, an essence that would remain forever. I like taking photographs, it’s like my own love trap or chicken soup for my soul, a way to liberate myself from the gravels that’s unheard, and it’s a scream. Lost my previous cam, and got a better one which was replaced way too early, like within a week. That shook me bad and shook me mad, as I live life to the fullest; let me do my final stand. I should’ve heard the cries my folks thrown at me with a terrible definite silence that’s been here for ages, what silence said is to be free, from everything, cause things are way too multifarious on a dreadful night like this one, the most killing and chilling and again untamed to be free to malfunction as much you want to be, we all fade away, or tides and time will erase us from the history written from a fake rubber band, who cares, we live to see the things we don’t want to see, we grow like the way we don’t want to grow, where everything went wrong? How could I loose tracks of time and life, birth was a mistake from the beginning, god made creations to destroy someday when he’s bored out of his pants and all the religion would be one as we malfunction more to be more rational, we try and we choke, and we escape, like we wanted all the time.…..….