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doob (600 x 450)

I slip away every day further alone

Evolution is a word
Yearning to be alone
Evolution is a happening twerp
Because my intellect is now emaciated to die like flowers

Like a rifle never fired, only once dropped
Like desire
Like yearning to be free
Please curb your fervor and pity
Because you don’t know when you are going to fall
Anyways I’m not next to you if you do,
So who cares what they might do?

Like leaves and flowers wither as they age
They are not departed but disappeared
Never to be seen by any eyes that’s to clean and clear
Can you hide the nausea that’s in my brain?

I hush you with a look
And kill you without fear
Victim is me
I’m my own slayer
And I’m never meant to be you.
Cause you are not me


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