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kamanachi kamaha
It must have been so long
As days passed and life went on
A much-needed surprise I waited for so long
Never shall we know where we all went wrong

The timelessness of time
And price of oversized hats
Decreased my overgrown ego
And stole my freedom to be surprised

Hope to see life soon cause im ready, and I have the ride
Cause I have this urge to kill something beautiful
Hope this itch will go away now, please leave me alone
Don’t turn my world upside down, just leave me alone

Drank a lot of water
Still the thirst is there
Been down so long,
Still want to stay there forever

The life will never be full
If change doesn’t do you any good
The fire won’t feel so warm
If the place is too cold

Hope to think about the world
Talk about some politics people or god
My silent voice you long to hear
I never really talked so you wont ever hear


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