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Morale is a measure of a unit’s psychological strength

difficulty that causes worry or emotional tension; rest easy

you know that as much as i do, i live as fabulous as you imagined

state of well-being characterized by emotions but defied by life as a reject

ranging from contentment to intense joy to passion from searing pain

emotions experienced when not in a state of well-being is what you call control maybe

the state of being sad; “she is tired of his perpetual sadness” is just an anecdote.

gloominess: the quality of excessive mournfulness and cheerfulness if yo under the moon alone

the sociopath cat will always scratch,and every moment you can turn out the light

as now im in a better might feel jealous saying “i miss those good times”

where my mind was there to remind me that exist all that time, and sang songs about life

[ i forgot maybe,

i forgot somehow,

i forgot

cause i have wrapped my head wit Saran wraps ]

there is no-one else now

so you close the doors or shut the windows,

cause the doctors wont send me home

maybe im like the star that burns

a bit but not completely

cause we all have our wills to live and then again we lose it to fate

im talking myself through wires, maybe cause i just want to communicate

cause every changing again as i blink my eyes

cause everything breaks if you throw them to the solid ground

cause its just an obsession to live and wish to survive

under the petite sun

cause my life is worth just like yours, theres nothing to surrender.

cause i and you just hate the facts all lives are interconnected

maybe the world is a just big living organism waiting to dive


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