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I don’t believe in freedom

I don’t believe in lives emerging to me

I don’t believe in you either
But I feel safe from where i see

All the jewels of the night
And all the tears from oceans
And martyrs hanging like living puppets
From ceiling like wind chimes

Through the window of space
I saw you feast upon children
Bodies after bodies, piled to be eaten
And the world closes before me

Curling and unfurling
A game they are playing
We were floating reflections on a mirror,
Even though we were just photographs on stones

This brand new day
Is it my home, or my pride?
Last protection of soul gone insane
No one’s there to save

Inhaling life to die is not a sane way to live
Maybe it’s just a perception
World seems so tragic if the end meets the eye
I felt a mixed sensation when I saw water drenching the sky

The sky was too bright to see
But it rained forever in that room
God had such a high standard
What will it take to live in this place?


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