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I only look for air in the sky

With pale cloud with rich stories

When you jump,

your feet lands on a different ground

There is a truce

Between good and evil tonight

Tonight is special

Under the heaven’s sky

Freedom exists in a book

Which I cannot discover

The flowers are shrilling

With one foot in and one foot stomping the ground

I look for the hidden meaning

I see the world grow old

I see you dissolve, I see myself

Dissolve to be a dot

I love when we leap

Dropping valuables we don’t need

Singing songs which are soon to be forgotten

Down in a well with no memories

Spiral smoke

And colorless ends

Singing merry tunes

With assassins inside my head

Grass turns to ashes

Like everything else

In a small room

My opinions slightly change

I’ll never know

Many things I long to know

Why it looks the same

If you laugh or cry in the rain

Why shadows crash in the dark

Like a stream meets the eye

Why we got to do

What we are doomed to do


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